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Sally Kindberg’s work in progress (pencil roughs)

Pencil roughs for work in progress Unfinished Business, an unreliable memoir in comic strip form.  It’s moving slowly, but moving at least …

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Sally Kindberg, jellyfish and drawing in the dark

Last week I visited the Eco-Visionaries exhibition at the Royal Academy in London and, along with eight other visitors (numbers were limited each time) in a darkened room, watched moon jellyfish perform slow and hypnotic movements across a screen.  How … Continue reading

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Sally Kindberg at Swedenborg’s birthday party, and a review of The Hand Book

Yesterday was the launch of the second Swedenborg Review and a delightful celebration of Swedenborg’s birthday. Devin P. Zuber gave an intriguing talk about his new book A Language of Things. Amongst other topics his talk considered the threat of … Continue reading

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Sally Kindberg in Cambridge: carols, the Astronomer Royal and Dan Dare

What do you wear when visiting an Astronomer Royal?  Star socks of course. Lovely friends Bridget Marzo and Kit Prendergast invited me to join them on Christmas Eve for a festive treat – to attend a Kings Chapel Carol service then … Continue reading

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