Camden tea and coffee stall

If you’ve just done your shopping in Camden Town, St Michael’s churchyard is a quiet spot to have a cup of tea or coffee and watch the world go by for a few minutes. Love this fairground style coffee stall with its sugared almond colours and wooden fretwork features. A tall man wearing a spotless white apron with a red cross on it saw me hesitating as I noticed the stall for the first time, although I must have walked past it many times. “Come and sit down,” said the man.  I knew about the church and its reputation for welcoming homeless and refugees, and although I was neither I was attracted by the quiet space and the thought of a (reasonably priced) cup of tea.  I was intrigued by the wheeled stall and its closed and padlocked shutters.  ‘What do you keep in there?’ I asked.  “Ah,’ said the tall man, ‘that’s where I keep my secrets.’

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