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Notebooks March 2014


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More maps

Jorge Luis Borges mentions maps in his short story ‘On Exactitude in Science’.  He describes a map whose scale was One mile = One mile, elaborating on Lewis Carroll’s idea in ‘Sylvie and Bruno Concluded’: “What do you consider the … Continue reading

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I love maps!  Maybe because I’ve a very bad sense of direction, but more because they are full of possibilities.  I’ve drawn many illustrated maps for newspapers (including a G2 cover for the Guardian, see below), but mostly for the … Continue reading

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Ziferblat reading matter

Glad to see there’s a wide variety of reading matter available at London’s Ziferblat Cafe.

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Visit to Phlegm’s Bestiary exhibition

En route to Ziferblat last night, called in at Bestiary exhibition by artist Phlegm (ahem).  Wandered through a maze of rooms full of extraordinary 2D and 3D creatures.

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Visit to Uncertain States at Ziferblat

Last night to an Uncertain States event – thought-provoking film by Chloe Ruthven at Ziferblat Cafe, where you are charged by the time you spend there.  And if you’re uncertain, you can borrow a clock, having filled in a ticket … Continue reading

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Thirteenth Century Illustrator Matthew Paris and the Polar bear connection

I love Matthew Paris – no, not the Tory MP, the St Albans based monk and writer of travel guides/illustrator/cartographer/opinionated observer of 13th century life.  Last weekend whilst in Hertfordshire I visited the rambling and delightful 19th century home of … Continue reading

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Sally Kindberg is guest illustrator at Funeverse

Great to be asked to be this month’s guest illustrator on lovely funeverse site … thanks to Alex Craggs for fab poem about one of the monsters from my Draw It Monsters book.  Looking forward to see more poems about … Continue reading

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