Discover the Mysterious Treasures of Swedenborg House

Swedenborg House in Bloomsbury, London is full of mysterious items relating to the life of eighteenth century Swedish polymath and visionary Emanuel Swedenborg.  It’s an extraordinary place!  My leporello of images and text will encourage children/families to visit and explore the house, and find out more …There’ll be exciting treasure hunts and workshops for participants to discover and draw some of the intriguing objects in the house.  Here are notes I made on my initial visits, a mock-up of the leporello, with images of the cosmos on its reverse side, and details from a couple of the final pages … Continue reading

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Sally Kindberg’s workshops at Wembley Primary School

Busy day last week at Wembley Primary School (of about 900 pupils) running five workshops with five different classes of enthusiastic Year 4 children, showing and talking about my Draw It! London book and The Comic Strip Greatest Greek Myths, both published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books.

 Two of the workshops were all about the tunnels running underneath London, and what you might discover in them.  Children worked together and drew their surprising ideas … a time tunnel?  Goldmines, a tunnel full of seawater, dinosaurs, a theme park and a bevy of ghosts all made their appearances.  Then everyone linked their tunnels to make  fantastic  underground networks …

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Mother’s Day

Lovely Mother’s Day yesterday with fab daughter in the sunshine.  Even got a cup of tea in bed!  Here she is last summer with friendly hound.

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Sally Kindberg’s creative workshops

Here I am hatching dinosaurs (as you do), and encouraging others to draw and tell stories, often using sequential narratives.  This was in China, but it could be anywhere! I’m passionate about getting others, whatever age, to gain confidence in their visual and written abilities through taking part in my workshops.  And to have fun of course …

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Last week to physio again at the Royal Free Hospital and discovered one of my knee problems was apparently due to strained goose foot (aka pes anserinus) tendon, as well as from recovering torn cartilage.  Funnily enough had just finished another pencil rough for a new commission (more about this soon) and a goose was involved.  As I was coming home three geese flew low overhead, chatting loudly to each other, heading northeast from nearby Regents Park.

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Sally Kindberg’s live drawing at Artis event

On March 14th to the Free Word Centre to do live drawing and give a talk about my work at a fantastic Artis Teach Meet event.  So impressed by huge amounts of energy from members of Artis who have alternative names btw, such as whoop, babble, oompah and chime.  The physical maths was amazing … seeing everyone use parts of their bodies to make numbers and sums etc … gosh!  The event was fuelled by much enthusiasm, positivity and … biscuits.

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Sally Kindberg’s workshops at Avondale Park Primary School

Spring is here at the moment, and what better way to spend a spring day than hatching a few dodos, and drawing monsters at four workshops with enthusiastic and delightful children at Avondale Park Primary School .  None of whom were  monsters btw.

One of the children’s classroom topics is about endangered species. I wondered if the class would like to bring an extinct species to life?  I had dodo eggs to hatch, and the class was soon busy cutting these out and glueing the opening shell so a variety of young dodos could hop out.  There were a few multiple births, and many appropriately unusual sound effects.

The other workshops were monster related so I brought along my book Draw It! Monsters and asked the classes to draw the monsters they’d like to be, and to suggest some vile activities for the monsters’ school timetable, and draw items for monsters’ lunch menus.

Pinching, making horrid smells and ruining someone’s birthday party were on the monsters’ school curriculum, and stinky socks, sick and slime smoothies featured on their menus.  The children’s ideas and drawings were impressive – and suitably disgusting!

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My comic strip for Draw The Line Comics

‘Make sure your children are reading books and watching movies that present a diverse range of characters, and expose them to worlds outside their own …’

My brief for new website Draw The Line, over 100 comic strips by different artists, each illustrating political actions that anyone can make to effect change.



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Sally Kindberg and robots


This week to the London Science Museum‘s brilliant Robot exhibition full of mechanical delights as well as hoards of over-excited school children. Ate ‘nuts and bolts’ from a robot tub at the cafe and pondered artificial intelligence.  Will be going back.  Some of my ninety or so robots approved of the catalogue (I think). Now re-reading I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.  Clank whirr etc.

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Sally Kindberg in Dorset

Lovely to see snowdrops en route to the wild Dorset coast, where stormy winds and rough seas battered the coast.  Stayed again in the mermaid house before the owners move, and had a look round Linzi West‘s studio before that moves too.

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