Sally Kindberg’s comic strip – overcome a writing/drawing block?

Sometimes it’s tricky to follow your own advice … here’s a comic strip I made for SCWBI a while ago about overcoming a writing/drawing block.  At the moment I’m dithering about content for my mystery/memoir graphic book so … Here are the pencil stages of the BLOCK comic strip before I inked it.   Maybe it will be helpful to others (and me!) to have confidence in developing an idea, and to just get on with it … Whoops, may have to go and do some more staring into space …

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Sally Kindberg’s 5-second Zoom portraits

One evening this week I decided to use my new Pentel brush pen at a Zoom event run by the Frontline Club, giving myself 5 seconds to draw each portrait.  A new thing for me – something I’ve probably asked my workshop students to do in the past – challenging and great fun.

Interesting to see how speakers often covered their faces whilst thinking what to say.

A friend, film-maker Roland Denning, commented: When I studied philosophy, a lot of people had pipes so when they were asked a difficult question, they would puff on their pipes, and it looked as though they were thinking intensely, when often they just didn’t know what to say.  I would twiddle the ends of my moustache.

More 5-second-portraits from various Zoom events this week… one person was asleep I think, or maybe just thinking … then my ink ran out.

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Sally Kindberg’s books on display, October 2020

Last week I was out and about, called in at Swedenborg House to visit their current suitably mysterious and intriguing exhibition, and happy to see some of my books on display.  The Hand Book was mentioned in the spring 2020 edition of 0.02 Swedenborg Review.

Later to the recently re-opened and delightful Pollocks Toy Museum and shop, where I spotted The Hand Book in good company.

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Sally Kindberg’s Photographs of Steam

Twenty years ago I was commissioned by London’s Evening Standard newspaper to go to Elf School in Iceland.  Recently I found a box of photographs taken at the time. Disappointingly I couldn’t find any of elves, but many, many images of steam.  Just as elusive and mysterious in a way. And rather soothing.

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Sally Kindberg’s online Swedenborg workshop (with live drawing)

Yesterday ran my first online Zoom-y workshop for Swedenborg House, preceded by a fab promotional video made by Jacob Cartwright.  Great to meet everyone and tell them briefly about polymath Swedenborg and some of the mysterious objects from Swedenborg House, using a combination of video, live drawing, pages from my leporello and photos. You can see a replica of Swedenborg’s wig in the Bookshop when it re-opens next week.

Who stole Swedenborg’s skull? What did Swedenborg invent, and what did 18th century people use as hair gel to put on their wigs? Rather disgustingly, it was animal grease. Just a few of the topics! Fantastic to meet up with participants and share their drawings and ideas. Here are some of them, including pictures of facial expressions. Great fun!

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Sally Kindberg escapes to the seaside

There have been builders in the upstairs flat for the last three months, and they’re still there.  Every so often I’ve managed to escape dust clouds and noise to go to the seaside for a couple of days, and the weather has been amazing, even, in the case of Brighton, warm enough to swim at 7am. Heaven!  Although I’m not a brilliant swimmer, so it was mostly rolling and splashing about/floating in the sea close to shore.  In Folkestone I sat in Mark Dion’s seagull on wheels, and wondered about moving house. With thanks to Mick Williamson for the seagull photo.

A later seaside visit to Folkestone included visiting St Eanswythe‘s pool and glimpsing an elusive newt, taking a tiny Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch train – our engine was called Hercules (see below) – from nearby Hythe to Dungeness, and drinking tea in an outdoor cafe overlooking Sandgate beach.

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Sally Kindberg’s robots in Primrose Hill

On the afternoon of August 2nd, some of my robots took part in Primrose Hill Community Association’s Art Trail.  Having dusted them and wound them up, I activated them on the hour (or maybe they activated me) on my windowsill.  Lovely to chat with visitors looking on from street level.  One of my earliest books for children was Robotina Finds Out, published by Faber and Faber.

And here’s a fabulous video made by filmmaker Roland Denning one birthday … meet my Robot Cabaret!

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Sally Kindberg’s Hair workshop for the Horniman Museum

Last week I joined a group 0f adults taking part in the Horniman Museum’s Hair, Untold Stories project and ran a workshop with them, sharing images from my Hair book published by Walker Books…

Hope to add some of the workshop participants’ drawings/comic strips to this post if possible.

Hair fashions change all the time … here’s an example of a wealthy 18th century lady’s wig …In the twentieth century …

And now … more or less hair?

Hair rebels of the past …

And contemporary hair rebel Harnaam Kaur.

What style would you choose?

In the past, people used all kinds of style aids and products …What sort of hair products or equipment do you use, if any?How do you think climate change will alter our hair styles in the future?

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Sally Kindberg’s Stranger, a work in progress

Still working on my graphic mystery/memoir … slowly …

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HAIR cover appears in Korea

Following a rather convoluted path, the cover illustration of my HAIR book, published by Walker Books some years ago, just appeared (with the wrong caption btw) in a Korean Women Artists 2020 catalogue collection online catalogue. Thank you Professor Hojung Nam.

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